Island Denim

And Indigo Generated Us

IslandDenim; Was established in 2009 as a result of 7 years of R&D work on indigo dyed yarn production by package dyeing method. With a patented machine design and dyeing process, IslandDenim can dye all the cellulosic fibers and blends in the desired yarn count (1 Ne - 200 Ne); By doing so, Indigo gives stamina to many manufacturers of woven and knitted fabrics a great deal of freedom in the use of indigo in the design of their products. The "indigo yarn" which were found to be used not only in the woven and knitted fabric producers but also in all sectors of the textile industry, directed IslandDenim towards new investments.
Sulphure dyed and Délavé dyed yarns were also produced using the same dyeing technology. In this view, other colors are added beside indigo colors to provide endless design and fabric diversity.
As a result of all these R&D and investments, today IslanDenim produces both woven and circular knitted fabrics using Indigo, Sulfur and Délavé dyed yarns.
The sale of Indigo, Sulfur and Délavé dyed yarn and the production of freestanding yarn are already ongoing and should not be forgotten that any kind of cellulosic fibers, wool and their blends with each other and with other synthetic fibers can be dyed.
At the same time, it has a technological substructure that will respond to all kinds of collection needs of its customers. (Cad works, Handloom, Sample Loop, Sample Fabric Producing, Washing and Technical Support)